Preorder Options

How to Preorder an item(s):

1. Select the fabric you want to preorder, the quantity of items you want to preorder in that fabric, and the type of preorder you want to do.

2. Navigate to the items you want to preorder and cart those as well.

3.  Check out!  You will receive an invoice if you are prepaying.  If you are doing a payment plan or deposit, you will complete your first payment via the website.  Invoice will be sent for the remaining balance. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Preorders are for items using fabric that may not arrive to me for ~6-12 weeks.  Once fabric arrives, expect a 1-2 week processing time.  By placing a preorder deposit or payment plan, you are guaranteeing your spot for the fabric.  Prepay guarantees your spot for fabric AND gives you free shipping.  Prepaid also orders have priority when fabric arrives.

Sale price $ 25.00 Regular price $ 28.00 Sale
Sale price $ 23.00 Regular price $ 28.00 Sale